Every transaction is checked by the Process managers.


Rectify the incorrect entries.


All the processed data is finally reviewed by Qualified professionals (CA’s) , approved.


The data is uploaded to the Client servers.


Parallax & Associates

  • Global Experience.
  • Thoroughly Trained Accounting Team of Experts.
  • Expertise – Technology & Accounting.
  • ISPL’s commitment to partner in a long term relationship, customer satisfaction and adding values to the functions.
  • Significant & substantial Cost savings up to 50%
  • Dedicated Teams headed by CA’s – you retain 100% control
  • Focus on Improved profitability and TAT
  • Reduced Operating and Training Costs
  • Accurate, timely & value added financial reporting
  • Highly secure physical & technological environment
  • Secured worldwide access to Data
  • Highly operational structure with additional resource and backup

Our Best Services


Accounts payable is money owed by a business to its suppliers


Order to cash normally refers to one of the top-level business processes


General accounting essentially refers to general ledger collection


Parallax & Associates executives’ demand for information has increased substantially in the unpredictable


Parallax & Associates financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is a set of four activities that support an organization’s financial health

Parallax & Associates Accounting Tool Expertise

Parallax & Associates Business Engagement Model

Input Based Schemes

  • Fixed Per Hourly Basis.
  • Manpower Basis (FTE).
  • Virtual Captive Center.

Output Based Schemes

  • Transaction Fees.
  • Project Based Fees / Flat Fees.
  • Retainer Ship Fees.
  • % Revenue Share Based Fees.

Parallax & Associates Security and Technology

Physical & people security

  • Global Experience.
  • Thoroughly Trained Accounting Team of Experts.
  • ISPL’s commitment to partner in a long term relationship, customer.
  • satisfaction and adding values to the functions.

Process security

  • Managed Secured System Access.
  • Strict data use and retention.
  • Safe data destruction policy.
  • Quality audits.
  • Paperless environment.

IS and network security

  • Disabled floppy drives.
  • Disabled external drives.
  • Secured workstations requiring mandatory passwords.
  • Anti‐virus and other hygiene factors met.
  • Paperless environment.

IT Infrastructure

  • Desktops and other technology infrastructure in place with latest configuration.
  • Dedicated Redundant Internet lease line links to ensure 100% uptime.
  • Structured work flow management system.


Customers Reviews

Parallax & Associates’ commitment, accountability and personal, hands-on approach was refreshing. It was very clear that their team was concerned about OUR success. Parallax & Associates completely earned our trust and respect.”

Monty Moni
CEO, Keen IT Solution

Parallax & Associates has become an excellent partner to our company. We were initially skeptical, having previously tried to outsource some of our accounting functions, without success”.

Mike Hotten
CEO, Brick Consulting

Strong customer focus. Quick to resolve queries and to organize on-site consultancy. Reactive to business process challenges. Friendly, focused and professional.

John Bhai
CEO, Brick Consulting

Absolutely astonishing service from Bryan Clarke in Parallax & Associates. Went completely above and beyond what you would ever expect! Very knowledgeable and nothing was too much trouble. KWould very very highly recommend him to anyone!

Jorina Bibi
CEO, Brick Consulting

Great Customer Services.

Delu Beta
CEO, Brick Consulting

Parallax & Associates Project Implementation


  • Define Business Case.
  • Establish Project Goals.
  • Define Current State.
  • Design Future State.
  • Identify Technology & Security Needs.
  • Define Reporting Requirements.


  • Measure Results To Expectations.
  • Adjust Future State Processes.


  • Deploy New Processes (Future State).
  • Project Design Documentation.
  • Measure And Benchmark Activity.
  • Establish Business Case And ROI.
  • Establish Ongoing Process Evaluation.


  • Ongoing Process Monitoring And Evaluation.
  • Continuous Process Improvement And Benchmarking.
  • Improve Data Quality.
  • Improve Management Reporting.
  • Define Next Future State and Design.

Expert People

Our Team Members

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Tiffany williams

President & CEO

Mike Jason

Business Advisor

Francis Ibikunle

Senior Consultant

Ara Gates

Finance Consultant

Claire Divas

Business Advisor

Isabella Croline

IT Consultant

John Masud

Senior Consultant

Corey Anderson

Assistant Director

John Freight

Business Manager

John Maliha

Business Advisor
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